iCLIENT Features

Project Management

PM is basically known as the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to meet specific success criteria

Task Management

The required project will be assigned to one or multiple staff and planned in such a way that the task status can be set

Billing System

The client can transfer amount to any account. All transactions, incomes and expenses will be calculated. The final billing report can be generated

Lead Management

The clients get regular updates regarding their lead, the system helps the clients to keep a complete track of them and manage the business

How do we help you grow?

  • Customizable Website

    Providing the clients their own website and developing it according to their need.

  • Client Handling

    The system guarantees at providing immediate response to the clients regarding any concerns.

  • Immediate Feedback

    The system provides concerned feedback on the queries raised by the clients.

  • Bank work

    All data regarding the transactions done through the bank can be recorded and updated.

  • Accessibility

    Managing business through separate domain and mobile application.

  • Demote Bugs

    System ensures the working space to be fully updated by removing the bugs.

Why Choose Us? Here’s the best part of our impressive services

One Click Solution

The system provide clients a wide platform to maintain all their business at just one click.

Customer Support

We provide 24/7 Customer support as well as Technical support.

Easy to Use
Being user friendly helps the clients in maintaining the profile at much ease.

Tons of Features

The system provides a complete package of all features which helps in running the work successfully.

Grow Your Business
Clients get the right platform to maintain all their data,transaction,records and any details which goes with their business.We provide our clients the opportunity to enhance their business goals through secured data,personal customer communication through smart devices and latest technologies.

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Core Features

Easy to manage and fully featured options.

All features provided through the system help clients in maintaining the account easily, like

  • Customer Details
  • Banking Data
  • Support Desk
  • Leads Management
  • Projects Handling
  • Inventory Management
  • Contact Management
  • Clients Management
  • Backup Database
  • Quotations provided
  • Sales Converted
  • Mailbox Service
  • Report Generation
  • Mobile Friendly

About iClient.Cloud

We Provide fully equipped controlling system for your complete business administration with high quality as well as cost effective tools to handle business in the easiest way.In addition to this we use cloud based Centralized data storage backup and access for information from anywhere.